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By now I was sure that something was going to happen but I didn't know how far everything would go. I was tired and decided that the shower would give me a few minutes to collect my thoughts. I stood under the warm, running water and tried to imagine making love to her and possibly being made love to by Jim. It sounded exciting and taboo. I finally stepped out of the shower and as I was drying off, I caught sight of Carol watching me in the mirror. She came over to me, took the towel, and began to gingerly dry me off taking great time and pleasure in rubbing my breasts. Then she lowered her head an$ began sucking on them with great passion. I could feel myself getting instantly dripping wet. She then handed me a robe and suggested that we join you and Jim downstairs. I wondered what you two guys had been talking about while we were gone. You were still fully dressed and Carol went over immediately to you and began undoing your shirt. Your wonderful hairy chest looked so good in the subdued lighting and I could see the buldge in your pants begin to rise. Jim meanwhile joined me on the thick, plush carpet and opened my robe. He began to suck on my breasts and his hands quickly found my wet pussy. He quickly entered it and began to rub my "G" spot with an intensity that I thought would make me come immediately. By now Carol had you down to your cute bikini shorts and when she lowered those, I saw your wonderful, huge cock was sticking straight out and fully erect. She sat.... The end of this story is inside KarasAdultPlayground - Erotic Stories - Our Stories - Orgies - "4some". For this story and thousands more, CLICK HERE!